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Affordable small websites that are a breeze to manage


Great Power Also Comes in Tiny Packages

Have you tried shopping around for a decent website for your small operation lately?

I bet you got stuck between thousands of dollars websites with all the bells and whistles you don't need; or cheap stripped-down websites with zero flexibility and a forced paid dependency on whoever designed it.

You may have simple needs, you are still entitled to high expectations.

Webstrapper exists specifically to serve people just like you who need some flexibility without overdoing it and value their independence.

This is your opportunity to control how much website and what tools you get to start and grow your business. You'll launch at a a very affordable flat rate and absolutely no hidden fees or strings attached of any kind.

The perfect solution for solo practitioners, small businesses and bootstrappers of all kind.


You order only the add-ons you need (blog, gallery, e-commerce…) exactly fit to your business goals.

Highly Affordable

Websites start at $479 with plenty to work with and enough for most. Add-ons start at $15.

Easy to Manage

You get your own beginner-friendly management dashboard to update your site in a few clicks.

Light on Resources

No need for expensive hosting plans or technical stack. Pretty much any shared host will do.

Ready in 1 Week

On day 1 we talk and gather resources. On day 2 I start building. On day 7 you launch.

Training Included

You get free training on managing your site. You'll be up-and-running in about an hour.

Here's How it Works

Process, and other tit-bits

  1. You submit a project request Click on any of the pill-shaped buttons on this page and follow the steps to fill out and submit a form about your project. You will get a rough estimate on cost right there and I'll receive the information by email.

  2. We meet and discuss your project We meet online for a chat and discuss your project to make sure we're a good fit. I answer any questions you may have and we clarify stuff. I use Skype for live meetings but I'm open to suggestions.

  3. You select a theme & provide resources You select a theme you like. If you don't know where to look I'll provide you with addresses and pointers. You also send me your content (texts and images).

  4. I get to work I customize your selected theme's colors to match your existing brand if you have one. I put all your add-ons and content in place.

  5. You check the work Your site will be available on my server for you to check and test. Any glaring issues, let me know.

  6. You pay, I install, we part-ay! I send you a Paypal invoice and install the site on your server upon payment. I show you how to manage it. You enjoy and celebrate :)

How Much is That You Ask?

Shivering With Anticipation…

The rundown

You have 2 base packages to choose from on the rightbelow: the Getting-Started package and the Born-Running package.

And below these 2 packages you have extra add-ons to select from if you want to go the extra mile.

There are absolutely zero upfront costs and payment is only due on delivery.

The Getting-Started Package
  • One content page
  • Your logo or name
  • Custom color pack
  • Unlimited text content
  • Up to 10 images
  • 1 Google Map
  • 1 Email form (up to 5 fields)
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization
  • no upfront cost
on delivery
The Born-Running Package
  • Up to 5 content pages
  • Your logo or name
  • Custom color pack
  • Unlimited text content
  • Up to 50 images
  • 1 Google Map
  • 2 Email forms (up to 5 fields each)
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization
  • no upfront cost
on delivery


A blog can be an important aspect of your marketing strategy. You'll get a blog list page that will appear in your site's navigation menu. You will then be able to add posts to your site yourself.


Databound Form

Sometimes you need your form to be saved to the database so you can manipulate or use the data on your site later. Like a testimonial form that you want to approve and display. Or an appointment form, or a survey.

$115.00form + $2.50field

Google Map

If 1 Google map is not enough you can order as many as you want.


Events Calendar

Do you need to display a sleek calendar informing your users of upcoming events? This one is totally under you control to update with fresh events all year long.


Digital Product

Do you want to sell digital products for download? This very simple Paypal based system does just that and nothing more. Set a title and description, set a price, set your Paypal account and that's it, ready to sell. And your links are protected of course.


E-commerce Store

If you have a small catalog of products to sell online, this store is a simple and flexible way to do it. With your products you'll easily control coupons and discounts, product and price variations and other variables. Uses Paypal for payments.


Frequently Asked Questions

In case you're wondering

Short answer: it depends…

It depends mostly on whether you send over your selected theme and content on time.

Otherwise the answer is yes.

Training happens in 2 ways:

  1. I send you links to a series of short training videos for you to watch
  2. You get up to 1 hour of live online training to clarify anything you want

Your website management dashboard is really straightforward and most users get it very quickly.

Absolutely not! Blogs are offered as an add-on paid for only once.

Once installed, the blog allows you to add posts from your dashboard as you see fit.

Glad you asked! Yes and no… No, there are absolutely no hidden costs. And yes, there are extra costs.

I do not provide the theme for your website and you have to get it yourself. I'll help of course. You can expect to pay between $20 and $50 for a professionally designed theme. Free themes are also available but quality may vary.

You also have to pay a monthly fee for a hosting plan of your choice. That can be as low as $7/month. I do not provide hosting either but I can advise you.

Yes, to some extent.

As part of the service I'll customize your chosen theme with your name or logo, and design a custom color pack to match your brand.

I do not make structural changes to the theme. If you need additional structural modifications to the theme, I can do that for an additional fee to be discussed.

As an example, if you require e-commerce functionalities but bought a theme that doesn't include any e-commerce modules (product list, checkout page, cart...) that's a problem.

Payment is exclusively through Paypal for now.

I will send you an invoice with a link to easily make your payment.

You don't have to have a Paypal account to proceed with the payment.

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