Service Providers Selection & Recommendation

How I Select Service Providers & Products I link to

I am committed to helping you build your presence online in the easiest and most effective way for you.

With that in mind, I am acutely aware of the difficulty you might have selecting service providers with the best balance between quality and budget. On paper, they really all look the same.

On my resources page, I list good to excellent providers for the most common services you will need for any website.

They are all providers I currently use or have used long enough to form an opinion and trust them.

Full Disclosure in the Name of Honesty

Some of the links I provide are affiliate links. If you click on those links and subsequently buy something from the provider, I will get a small commission from them. Not from you, from them.

I only recommend providers I am currently using or used in the past and was satisfied with. There are many others —sometimes even cheaper— but those are the ones I know and can vouch for. You have absolutely no obligation to use my affiliate links if you don't want to and should feel totally free to navigate to their site directly. Either way it won't cost you a dime.

A Word of Warning in the Interest of Clarity

Among the providers listed, which I recommend, some provide more than one service. GoDaddy, for instance, also offers hosting services and SSL certificates. Liquid Web is the VPS host I recommend but Bluehost also offers VPS hosting.

I only recommend service providers for the services I personally used them for. I do not vouch for any service I haven't used and experienced personally.

Services I have used for each provider are listed right above their respective logos on the resources page.

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